Parenting with Technology

Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.



Thank you so much for spending time with us this year. The house is already too calm, too quiet, and missing your bubbly personality. You were an absolute joy to have around, and I very much hope you stay in touch over this next year and beyond. You are very much a part of our family now and will always have a welcome place here if you ever find you way back to Harbor Springs.  There will always be a place to rest, a warm meal, and a cup of coffee waiting here for you.  If you ever need us for anything, just ask. We are here for you.IMG_7001

It was such a blessing for me to have you here, connecting with Grace and David the way you did was priceless. Grace often disconnects from the group or leaves early because she doesn’t think she connects or fits in, you kept that from happening, and I was thrilled to have her stay longer than I expected, mostly because of you. As for David, when our week one started, he was introducing himself as a basketball player instead of a figure skater (even though he has never been on a basketball team) because he was afraid to be himself, to be bold and own his style. He was scared of what people would say or think. By the end of week two, he was introducing himself as an ice dancer, which is what he really is and really wants to pursue, mostly because of the confidence that you and Nicholas exude, the unique personalities that you have and your openness and bravery to live boldly, out loud. You helped David take giant steps forward toward being himself and not being afraid. As a proud father of a very unique son, watching him learn that bravery from your example was priceless, and I love you for that. There are no words that can express my gratitude. IMG_9154
That is without mentioning the risk you all took and power that it had to change his life when you all took him back in and let him finish the show. Your graciousness, love, and friendship to him over the last few weeks has helped him get back on track more than I can express and I can barely write about it as when I think though these words to say I tear up. You and the groups impact on David’s life right now is immeasurable. It may be months or even years until all the positive impact this has had on him is fully manifest. Deeply, sincerely, Thank you.


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