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Using the Tools We Have, Part 5: Routers, Hacks, and Third Party Apps

From the modem and router to handy hacks. From coffee timers to third-party software, there are many creative ways to help protect your kids online. Here are a few of my most successful and a couple that weren’t. Hopefully this final chapter in “Using The Tools We Have” helps a parent navigate some of the more easily avoidable pitfalls of parenting, with technology.

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Using The Tools We Have. Part 4: Android Restricted Accounts and Google FamilyLink

Android has several ways to secure a childs device, the newest recently released from Google in the GooglePlay store is called ‘Family Link.’ It lets me do two things that are critical to my large, multi-device family. It provides global parental controls based on the family and child’s google account, and allows applies those restrictions to each device the child uses and to online content and store access.

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