Parenting with Technology

Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.



Thank you for coming and staying with us for the week. When you missed the first evening, and we didn’t get that “getting to know you” time that we all seem to spend, I was concerned that somehow we wouldn’t connect, but your fun, relaxed manner was instantly endearing. The boys had such a good time at the beach with you and Chloe, and your wit and sarcasm made you seem more like Grace or one of her college friends and less like a guest. I guess that means you are more family than visitor… Your natural way of grabbing any instrument here in the parlor, instantly making it your own and seeming to have fun as you did it was unexpected and so welcome here. You play the piano beautifully, and I don’t think anyone has sat down at it and made it sound so good. Every year we start out with a little apprehensive about opening our home to “strangers,” and in all the years we have done this we still haven’t met one. Instead, we just seem to keep meeting more members of that family that simply hadn’t been here yet. I hope you feel like one of the family and I hope that we were able to give back to you some small part of the gift you give these kids every day all over the world. You are unique, you are loved, and most importantly, your work is so appreciated! What you do every day matters so much in the lives of these kids. We wish you all the blessings the rest of your journey can bring you and we want you to know that if your road ever brings you back to Northern Michigan, you have family here. The door is always open, there is a place to stay and a meal waiting.
God Bless you, and we will miss you.


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