Parenting with Technology

Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.

Parenting Thoughts

Be Prepared!

Be prepared. In every way, a parent has to be prepared. From the daddy diaper bag to the Swiss Army knife, a parent has to expect the unexpected and be prepared for the unimaginable. If you are, you will never be surprised and your day will always be saved.

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Take Your Kids With You.

Do everything you can with your kids. Play with them, Pray with them, take them everywhere. To the grocery store and to the mechanic, the retirement home to visit Aunt Sue and the bakery to get your bread.
Why do I feel it is so important to take your kids everywhere? There are three reasons, and I will present them now in no particular order.

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Using the Tools We Have, Part 5: Routers, Hacks, and Third Party Apps

From the modem and router to handy hacks. From coffee timers to third-party software, there are many creative ways to help protect your kids online. Here are a few of my most successful and a couple that weren’t. Hopefully this final chapter in “Using The Tools We Have” helps a parent navigate some of the more easily avoidable pitfalls of parenting, with technology.

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