Parenting with Technology

Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.

Kids and Tech

Compassion is also a digital skill.

kitten online

Too often, I see people who are generally kind, well mannered, educated people simply melt down and go off at someone on some social media platform. Instead, we need to teach kids how to be COMPASSIONATE digital citizens, not just good, but also kind and loving. Here are a few rules we can all use to be better, more compassionate online.

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Are Password Managers safe? Should I use one?

Are password vaults safe? Are they more reliable than just keeping a written list of complex passwords?  How do they work? And should you, the regular average everyday parent, switch to one. Having an automated method of maintaining, storing, creating, and changing strong, complex passwords allow you actually to use them more times than not, and the benefit if doing that outweighs the risk.

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The Joy of Music

The way I see it, music is one of the original, fundamental languages, in all of nature, everywhere around us, there exist sound and rhythm. From the waves crashing on the shore to the beating of our own hearts, music is life and remains one of the most important things you can teach a child.

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