Parenting with Technology

Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.


You, sir, are a force of nature! It is such a blessing meeting someone as passionate about music as you are. The time you spent playing in our home was fantastic, you inspire the boys and me to play more. Speaking of my boys, the time you spent with David, the work you and Andrew did to get him to go to the camp in the first place, was a gift to Elaine and I that we can never repay. It is such a fantastic thing to see him connect with you guys, come out of his shell, and start to play with you. The learning and music instructionIMG_8763 that he picked up is just the icing on that cake, the real benefit was getting him to play out loud, in front of people, to openly play for you, to sit, talk, open up, and be part of your group. He needed that more than you will ever know and the difference I see in him just over the last six weeks is more than enough to give Elaine and me all the hope we need to keep pushing him forward. He really is a great kid and may have a true gift of music, if he only gives it a chance, and you picked him up and moved him MILES toward that goal. Getting to meet your Grandparents and share a show with them was a special treat. They are very proud of you and have every reason to be. If you find yourself back here near IMG_6215Harbor Springs, with or without YA, stop in. We think of you like family and will always have an open door for you, a not-so-quiet place to rest and a roast beef pretzel bun sandwich :).   Think of us when you play a violin, I know that one we gave you is no masterwork, but hopefully, it will bring you joy and creativity.

Best of luck to you and Godspeed, and sincerely, Thank You.


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