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The election is over, now show your kids Love!

The theme for today and over the next few months of transition should be one thing. Love.

I only post here every two weeks, but today I am making an exception because I think it is very important to say this.  There are many people who, as parents, have lived through this political turmoil among children for the last 18 months as the rhetoric and banter has exploded around them. No matter which side you are on, (and it frankly sucks that we all still find it important to choose sides) as a parent, a teacher and an example you now have the responsibility to comfort, reassure and support your children.  It is your job to help them understand that even with everything that is happening, changing, and being said, they will OK.  As I look over the Internet this morning I find a sea of negativity, and while this election has given very little to either side be positive about, it is up to you as a parent to stop the negativity. Hug your children, reassure them that everything will be alright and while there will be trouble and difficulty, remind them that they can be stronger, they can overcome anything and that you will be there, with them, helping them through it all. Smile at them, even if you don’t want to smile today. Hold their hand and make today a normal day, more normal than many of the days this last eighteen months, and walk beside them. Put a smiley face on their lunch bag. Say out load that you love them. Your kids are looking at you for their example of what the future should be, how Americans should act. I have said it several times, Your children are watching you, even when you don’t realize it.  They think you are the smartest person on the planet, especially if they are very young.  They emulate you.  If you want them to be a responsible citizen of the internet, you teach them how by example.  The very same is true when trying to make them a responsible citizen of the real world.  Lead them by example first, then talk to them, and teach them. Many of the problems that we are facing now, in my opinion, are caused by parents not leading their kids by example. I know it sounds cliche, but be the change you want for them.  Even when you think they are “not looking”, because they are, and other children are also, when you least expect it, so don’t let them down.  Act like you are not afraid, even if you are. If you are elated today, don’t gloat. Show your children with the same example that they have at little league. No sore losers and no sore winners. Show them love and it will shine from them. There is a strong concern right now that civil rights will take a step backwards. This can only happen if you show them that it can. Instead of openly condemning the people around you, smile, show your love, show equality, live as though the world already is as you dream it will be. Your children and their friends will see that change and make it the norm. If you show the children hostility and adversity, that is what they will know, but if you show them love and compassion, equality and freedom, that will be their reality, and that is what will shine from them.

So go out there, give your kids a hug, smile, wave at your neighbor and for the sake of the kids, BE LOVE.

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